Electronics For “Hard” Water

Many good open-water anglers are lost on a lake without high-end boat electronics. Sensitive sonar and GPS units have made the search for fish and structure easier, surer and save a lot of time between strikes.

Frabill StraightLine241 Crappie

Ice Fishing Guide Brian Brosdahl with an awesome Crappie


Saving Sam Heaton

Sam Heaton is a man’s man.  He’s one of those funny and fun-loving outdoor guys who does everything from catching crappies and bluegills, to hunting turkeys and deer, geese, ducks, and he’s good at it.  In fact, he’s very, very good at it.

He’s so good that fishing and hunting has been his livelihood since he got out of the Special Forces in Vietnam over 30 years ago.  He’s been a guide, tournament fisherman, tackle inventor and innovator, and he’s currently the media relations man for MinnKota, Humminbird and Cannon Downriggers.


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Here is a series of GREAT pre-season bow hunting tips from world bow hunter Bob Robb.



Our Chief of Staff Bob McNally is an avid Turkey Hunter, and enjoies nothing more than calling in the big birds! With many years of experience, Bob has taken some time to share important tips that will help you fine tune your calling, presentation, and approach! CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL OF BOB'S TURKEY VIDEOS!


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