Use Scented Lures

If you’re a purest, and refuse to use natural bait, employ scented lures for extra appeal, particularly for  pressured fish – in saltwater and freshwater.

Companies like Berkley, Exude, Strike King, D.O.A. and Yum make lures having built-in flavors like salt or real ground fish or shrimp mixed with lure components. They can make a big difference in the size and number gamefish caught from tough waters, particularly deep or cool water.

Lures with impregnated scent usually are soft plastic varieties, and they come in a wide array of configurations looking like everything from crawfish and baitfish, to lizards and leeches. So they’re productive for bass and walleyes, stripers, red drum, sea trout, cobia and most other gamefish, too.

Scented lures not only draw gamefish to your lure, but fish hold onto artificials longer, so sure hook sets are more common.

Rigging Cobia Terminal Tackle

Some anglers “over rig” for cobia, and that can cost them fish.

Cobia have no sharp teeth, so wire leaders are unnecessary. But the fish do have small, abrasive, sandpaper-like teeth that can fray even heavy monofilament during a long fight. Also, cobia are a hard-fighting, tough-skin fish, and they have sharp spines along the back – all of which can abrade line. So a well-designed “shock leader” system is needed for cobia.For most cobia fishing it’s smart to double the terminal end of the fishing line with a Bimini Twist or Spider Hitch. Twenty or 30-pound test line (braid preferred) is good for most cobia fishing, and a double line four to six feet long is advised.



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